Michael Lewin’s loss of hearing claims experts can help you make an industrial disease claim for noise induced hearing loss (deafness) compensation if you have suffered damage to your hearing due to unsafe working conditions in London.

The industrial loss of hearing compensation consultants are here to help any noise related deafness victim claim the industrial deafness award they are entitled to which is equal to the level of hearing loss they are suffering from. We can guarantee that the amount of compensation we are able to secure on any victims behalf will be equal to the level of suffering that has been caused by their deafness. No matter what level of hearing loss a workplace victimise suffering from there is an industrial injury specialist here who can help them claim the recompense they deserve.

Not all industrial deafness claims are uncomplicated and easy to resolve; you should discuss your case in detail with a specialist industrial disease consultant to find out if you are eligible to make a hearing impairment claim. You may think that you have a valid loss of hearing claim but then after an assessment you may find you are not eligible to make a claim. Alternatively you could be suffering from industrial hearing loss whilst thinking that you are not eligible to make a claim but a phone call to a lawyer from the industrial deafness team at Michael Lewin Solicitors could surprise you; you may find you are eligible to claim thousands in industrial deafness recompense. If you leave it too late you will not be eligible for an award so you start proceedings soon.

You should seek advice from specialist and experienced loss of hearing claims consultants like those on the industrial disease team at Michael Lewin as soon as you have been diagnosed as suffering from a degree of hearing loss to see if you are eligible to make a compensation claim for industrial hearing loss compensation in London.

The control of noise at work regulations were altered dramatically and enforced in 2005 to replace the noise at work regulations of 1989 to ensure that greater care is taken by employers to protect their employees from deafness in the workplace. The law is on the side of employees in terms of making a compensation claim for industrial hearing loss because their employer has failed to abide by the control of noise at work regulations 2005.

Because of Mr D’s employer’s failure to abide by the regulations he was awarded a total of £26430.00 for his hearing loss.

To speak to one of the loss of hearing claims professionals from the specialist industrial disease and injury division of Michael Lewin Solicitors about making an industrial disease claim for work induced hearing loss compensation in London you should call: 0844 499 9302 or email enquiries@michaellewin.co.ukto ensure that you are eligible to start a claim for hearing loss recompense on a no win no fee basis.

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