If you have been injured even in a low speed car accident you may still need the help of a personal injury solicitor to help you claim compensation for your injuries and losses if the accident was not your fault. Michael Lewin Solicitors are happy to offer their personal injury services on a no win no fee basis to anyone in this situation.

Even at low speeds a serious injury can occur. The whiplash injury is the most common type of injury that is sustained in a car accident and it can be an incredibly painful ailment to have. The degree of whiplash you sustained in a low speed car accident will depend on a number of factors.

Women are more likely to sustain a more severe form of whiplash in a car accident as generally speaking their neck muscles and soft tissues are not as strong as a man’s. The same applies for children as their neck tissues are not as strong as an adults but if children are sitting in the rear of the car they are more protected from the impact and they are less likely to suffer to the same extent as an adult sat in the front. Children also do not anticipate an accident and are more relaxed when sitting in a carp; this may contribute to the fact that children do not seem to suffer whiplash as severely as adults do. If you have previous back or neck problems a whiplash injury may exacerbate this even at a low speed. The elderly will also suffer a more serious degree of whiplash as the soft tissue in the neck which are affected by the impact get weaker as we get older. A lot of elderly people suffer from conditions such as arthritis in which case a whiplash injury can be a serious problem. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of her personal injury solicitor from Michael LewinMrs J was able to claim over £2000.00 in compensation after she was injured in a low speed car accident.

How do I know if I have whiplash?

Your symptoms may not appear for over 24 hours but when they do you may notice some aching and swelling in your neck where the tendons have flexed beyond their capability. You may also struggle to twist your neck and turn your head to the side. Some serious sufferers of whiplash may notice aching spreading to their shoulders back or upper arms. You should always seek medical assistance if you notice any of the above following a car accident.

To speak to a solicitor about compensation even for injuries sustained in a low speed car accident call Michael Lewin’s team of friendly consultants on: 0844 844 8180.

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