Even at low speed a car accident can have a significant impact on your life following the incident. Here at Michael Lewin we understand the devastating effects that often follow a car accident and will strive to get you recompensed fully for any emotional and financial suffering you have also had to endure alongside your physical injuries.

Low speed car accidents can still cause varying degrees of injury to their victims. The level of injury you sustain in a car accident will depend on a number of things:

? The age of the person involved in the accident: the elderly are more likely to sustain a more severe degree of whiplash than a younger person in the same collision. This is because as people get older their soft tissues are not as strong as they are in younger life and are much more susceptible to damage. The elderly are also more likely to have to suffer a longer period of recovery than the younger generations to due to loss of strength and malleability in the soft tissues surrounding the neck. Elderly sufferers of arthritis may sustain lasting damage after a collision as the injury may exacerbate the existing injury and it may struggle to recover.

? The speed at which the impact occurred; high speed collisions often have much more seriously wounded victims than low speed collisions and other injuries are often sustained along with whiplash; this does not mean to say that injuries are not just as detrimental when sustained at low speeds though. The higher the speed the more vigorous the impact which generally equates to higher degree of injury. The health strength and age of the person involved in the accident has to be taken into account though as the impact speed will affect different people in different ways.

Following a low speed car accident you should still seek medical assistance after the incident even if you do not think the impact was significant. Whiplash injuries can occur even in low impact crashes and can sometimes take up to 24 hours to become apparent.

Mrs S was injured at the age of 65 in a low speed collision on a roundabout but still sustained some painful injuries. Even at low speeds and accident at Mrs S’s age can cause some serious injuries. Thankfully we were able to secure Mrs S the compensation she was entitled to as the innocent passenger in a vehicle crashed by a third party driver.

If you want to start your claim following a low speed or high speed car crash and you have sustained injuries as a result of the impact you can call the dedicated team of personal injury lawyers at Michael Lewin on: 0844 844 8180and get your claim started today.

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