You can make a claim for industrial disease recompense in the UK for noise induced hearing loss (deafness) compensation if you have suffered damage to your hearing due to working in an excessively loud environment.

Michael Lewin’s industrial consultants are here to help any work related loss of hearing victim claim the industrial hearing injury award they are entitled to which is appropriate for the level of hearing loss they are suffering with. We can guarantee that the amount of compensation we are able to secure on any victims behalf will be on a level with the expected amount they should receive for the hearing damage they have sustained. No matter what degree of aural injury a workplace noise victim is suffering from there is an industrial injury specialist here who can help them claim the recompense they are legally entitled to.

The primary cause of industrial deafness is a prolonged exposure to constant noise over a period of time. The deafness that can develop as a result of the working environment can be minimal moderate or could even result in total deafness. In settings such as constructions sites and warehouses the loud noise may be confines and continual which could result in industrial deafness occurring over time because of the high noise exposure. There are cases of industrial deafness where the cause of the deafness has been very sudden and is the result of a one off event. A loud bang an exposition or alarm could cause an ear injury called acoustic shock syndrome. The symptoms of this type of hearing loss will usually become apparent almost immediately.

You should make a claim for industrial disease recompense on a no win no fee basis using experts like those on the industrial disease team at Michael Lewin as soon as you have been diagnosed as suffering from a degree of hearing loss and you can link it to your working conditions that are to meeting UK standards for health and safety.

The control of noise at work standards were made stricter and enforced in 2005 to replace the noise at work regulations of 1989 to ensure that greater care is taken by employers to protect their employees from harm in the workplace. The law is on the side of employees if their employer has failed to act on the control of noise at work regulations 2005 and the worker has been left suffering with a loss of hearing.

Mr E was the victim of an expulsion in the workplace that caused him to sustain damage to his hearing. Mr E luckily had a valid claim for compensation and we were able to work swiftly on his behalf to secure him a total of £14908.00 in compensation.

Are you ready to make a claim for industrial disease recompense in the UK? Speak to a solicitor from the specialist industrial disease and injury division of Michael Lewin Solicitors about making an industrial disease claim for work induced hearing loss compensation as soon as possible so you do not miss your window of opportunity. Call: 0844 499 9302

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