Making personal injury claim following a road traffic accident couldn?t be easier with the help of the dedicated professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors; one phone call and we can get your case started the same day.

The dedicated team of experience legal consultants at Michael Lewin are happy to offer you no obligation advice about your case over the phone. You are under no pressure to start making a claim but we will answer any questions you have about the claiming process or your eligibility to receive an award.

Mr W sustained a personal injury through no fault of his own in a road traffic collision at the age of 51 and came to Michael Lewin for help. Mr W is just one of thousands of satisfied clients whose claims have been settled quickly and successfully by our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers. Mr W’s very satisfying award of £2000.00 was an excellent result for ourselves; not only because we were able to help Mr W on his road to recovery but also because it means our reputation for excellence is still being upheld.

If you are thinking about making a personal injury claim you should seek legal advice form a professional legal advisor as soon as possible. There is only a three year time limit in which you will qualify for a compensation award so do not miss out on your chance to claim what you deserve.

Mr W made his claim within the three year time limit and he was faultless for the accident occurring so he was eligible for the award he received. Mr W was not at fault for the accident because a third party vehicle had driven into the rear of his car; in events such as these the driver of the car at the rear is automatically to blame for the incident occurring.

Rear end collisions happen daily on UK roads; some of which are avoidable some of which could not have been avoided by the best drivers in the world.

Tailgating is a prime example of an accident waiting to happen. Tailgating is when the car behind is following the vehicle front too closely and has to left enough distance between the so that in the event of the unexpected the will be able to stop without colliding. Some vehicle drivers tailgate deliberately because they are impatient other do it without even realising that the distance is too short to be safe. Either way in an incident of this nature if the car behind crashes in to the rear of your car you are not at fault.

To start making a personal injury claim today call Michal Lewin solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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