Making an accident claim for personal injury compensation following a collision on the roads has never been easier; one quick phone call to Michael Lewin Solicitors and we can take all the hassle and stress away from you leaving you free to recover from the accident.

As the non-fault victim in a road traffic accident it is very likely you will successfully be able to make a claim if you were injured in the incident. You must start making your claim within three years of the incident occurring in order to be able to successfully settle your case.

Mr A was within the time limit for successfully entering a claim for personal injury compensation and because he had sustained genuine injuries in the accident and the accident was not his fault his case was settled quickly by Michael Lewin Solicitors. Because Mr A’s car had been hit in the rear there was no doubt that he did not caused the accident therefore an award of £2141.00 was made to Mr A.

If you are thinking about making an accident claim you need to do so with the help of a qualified solicitor from Michael Lewin if you want to get the best possible result for your case.

The Highway Code is enforced so that all drivers on the road can follow these rules the majority of which are legal requirements and carry out their journeys safely. Not all drivers however do obey the rules in the Highway Code and their recklessness causes the majority of the 200000 accidents that are reported every year. Most car accidents are caused by driver error and in most car accidents there is usually one party at fault. Some of the most common reasons that drivers are the cause of car accidents are as follows:

Driving recklessly; driving too close to the car in front running late and rushing intimidating other drivers overtaking dangerously and swerving between bends are all examples of reckless driving that accounts for many of the accidents seen on the road. One of the most common types of accidents that is caused on the road is the rear end collision; quite often this is caused by drivers following the car in front too closely (tailgating).

Inattentive drivers; these are vehicle operators that allow themselves to be distracted far too easily from driving safely on the roads. Distractions include using a mobile phone eating drinking and engaging in conversation with other passengers in the vehicle. Singing along to the radio and loud music can also cause a car accident.

To start making an accident claim for personal injury compensation following an RTA call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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