A Group Of Men Win Sexual Discrimination Claim

A Group Of Men Win Sexual Discrimination Claim

We are familiar with sex discrimination cases against women in the media but we can be ignorant to men being victims of sex discrimination in the workplace. A recent case brought against University of Wales Trinity St David has seen a large group of workmen successfully claim sex discrimination.

The Equality Act 2010 allows employees of different gender receiving different pay to sue for sex discrimination if they are doing broadly the same job even if it is not the same title.

A group of eighteen workmen won a landmark equal pay case in which they claimed that they were given around £4000 less than women on the same pay scale when their employer had merged with another university in August 2013.

The workmen were on grade three of the university’s pay scale and the dispute arose when their 45 hour week changed to a 37 hour week instead. The university sensed the drop in hours would cause problems and said they would guarantee the men the extra eight hours but class it as overtime. The eighteen workmen that claimed for equal pay have been successful and now expect £30000 back in pay for themselves and eight others.

While tribunals brought by men are not unheard of this is the first time that such a large group of men have launched legal action claiming sex discrimination.

Author: Laura Webster


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