28 year old Women Wrongly diagnosed with IBS Dies of Bowel Cancer

28 year old Women Wrongly diagnosed with IBS Dies of Bowel Cancer

Holly Slater started suffering with stomach cramps bloating and constipation in 2011 and doctors told her that it was irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Two years later Holly died aged 28 of aggressive bowel cancer.

The nursery worker went to her doctors time and time again over the course of an 18 month period but her doctors failed to recognise that her symptoms were the beginnings of bowel cancer. She died this February after the cancer spread to her lungs bones reproductive organs and liver.

She was wrongly diagnosed with IBS and was given medicine for her stomach pains and laxatives to relieve constipation. The prescribed medicines did improve her quality of life but hid the symptoms of her bowel cancer.

The symptoms that she displayed had similarities to IBS. In 2012 she began suffering trapped wind more frequently constipation and loose motions. Her mother Lynne told the Daily Mail “there was no bleeding at all so cancer didn’t cross the doctor’s mind”.

Early in the year she started to vomit so visited the doctor more frequently they referred her for tests on her blood and urine the tests then came back normal.

Blaming the stress of planning a holiday Lynne told the Daily Mail that she thought that her IBS was getting worse as she began vomiting more. After returning from her holiday at the end of March Holly’s condition began to worsen and after a week she was hospitalised at St Marys Hospital on the Isle of Wight.

Her vomiting continued and the doctors prescribed suppositories anti nausea medicine and laxatives. Following this she was taken for an x-ray which showed abnormalities which the doctor’s thought was Crohn’s disease and she was then placed on more medication.

They eventually spotted the cancerous tumour when they performed a colonoscopy. The surgeons operated on her straight away and removed half of her colon lymph nodes around the area and fitted her with a colostomy bag.

She started chemotherapy and in September 2012 and her CT scan showed that the tumour had disappeared. Holly started getting back to normal life but a scan in January this year showed that she had developed legions on her lungs.

A further scan revealed that unfortunately the cancer had spread to her liver lungs reproductive organs and bones.

On Valentines Day this year Holly was admitted to hospital and given medicine and oxygen for a chest infection which she had contracted.

Despite being given antibiotics and palliative chemotherapy the treatment did not work and she was taken to a hospice five days later.

She died the next morning in her sleep.

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