Nurses Think the NHS is Dangerously Understaffed

Nurses Think the NHS is Dangerously Understaffed

Over half of NHS nurses say that their wards and units are dangerously understaffed according to the result of a survey by The Nursing Times.

The Nursing Times surveyed just under 600 of their readers asking them about staffing safety of the patients and the culture of the NHS.

Over half of the participants had said their wards or units were “dangerously understaffed” and three quarters of them had witnessed what they described as “poor” care over the past 12 months.

The survey was conducted after a public enquiry report into The Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust’s care failings.

30 percent who had witnessed poor care said that they had seen it often.

The survey also highlighted the nurses to patients ratio showing how they were being stretched with 85 percent reporting that there were 8 patients to one nurse. Whilst 44 percent said that there was one nurse to ten patients.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live Joyce Robins co-director of Patient Concern thought that the lack of staff was detrimental to patient safety.

“The amount of work they are expected to do goes up all the time but staffing levels don’t rise”.

She went on to say “you hear all these stories that nurses don’t care anymore but really it’s that nurses can’t care because they don’t have time because there aren’t enough of them.”

David Cameron introduced ideas for new nursing measures at the beginning of the year urging nurses to check on patients every hour.

Over 30 percent of general wards nurses surveyed said they were not informed of this and it was not happening in their workplace.

The Government responded saying that there were more clinical staff working in the NHS now than when it came to power in May 2010.

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