Administration: Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust

Administration: Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust

The Bishop of Stafford has joined protestors against the decision to close off services at the NHS Stafford Hospital after the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust went into administration last week.

The Rt Reverend Geoff Anas gave a speech to the protestors asking for the residents not to be punished because of the Hospital’s action.

The Express and Star reported that he said “this appalling situation was not the fault of Stafford. Why should we be penalised?”

The cuts came after results from a public enquiry were released. Stafford Hospital has been hitting headlines recently due to significant staff failings and have since been asked to make a “fundamental change” after unacceptable levels of care neglect and abuse were discovered.

The £13 million Francis Enquiry found that the abuse and neglect levels had contributed to deaths in the hospital.

The Enquiry showed that from 2004 to 2009 the “appalling” care standards had caused unnecessary suffering to hundreds of patients. The report found that 1200 people had died unnecessarily.

The Express and Star reported that a body had been brought to the hospital mortuary with the wrong name tag on. Leanne Birkin who was visiting her mother saw a notice on the wall to staff saying ‘we recently had an incident where a patient was sent down to the mortuary with the wrong name band. This incident must never happen again’ the hospital went on to apologise.

They hit the headlines again when a young child was admitted for breathing difficulties and the mother discovered him with a dummy taped to his face. A member of staff was suspended following this incident.

A criminal investigation began when 66 year old Gillian Astbury slipped into a diabetic coma and died when the hospital failed to administer her insulin in April 2007. Mrs Astbury was admitted for a minor fall where she fractured her arm and pelvis.

As well as these incidents there were reports of general low standards of care that had contributed to hundreds of patients deaths. Patients were left for days in their own excrement had to drink from vases and were given the wrong medication.

The people of Stafford have been protesting the cuts to services since the announcement was made on the 15th April this year.

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