Orthopaedic Surgery Claims at Yorkshire Hospitals

Orthopaedic Surgery Claims at Yorkshire Hospitals

The NHS has paid out more than £2 million in compensation to victims of a surgeon who was working at Rotherham Hospital reports the Daily Mail.

An Orthopaedic surgeon has been at the centre of claims by 17 former patients whose solicitors have secured settlements for them totalling just over £2 million.

The claims largely relate to hip knee elbow and shoulder surgery carried out at Rotherham Hospital where the surgeon worked full-time up to 2007 and then part-time until 2009. A small number of the claims involve the surgeon’s work at Pinderfields Hospital and Goole Hospital.

The value of the settled claims range from £1750 up to £830000.

Despite the claims and the an investigation by the General Medical Council the surgeon concerned has apparently retained a full medical licence and is working at another Yorkshire hospital. The GMC declined to comment to the Daily Mail.

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