Warning over delays in diagnosing skin cancer by GPs

Warning over delays in diagnosing skin cancer by GPs

It has recently been reported by the Medical Protection Society in their magazine Your Practice that according to their figures more than 9 in 10 claims concerning a delay in diagnosing melanoma involve GPs.

Dr Richard Stacey Medico-legal Advisor at the Medical Protection Society commented:

"These figures reveal a serious melanoma blackspot when it comes to delays in diagnosis."

If you attend your GP with a suspicious skin lesion it is reasonable to expect your GP to take a careful history from you undertake a careful examination and make thorough notes. By not doing so your GP may miss one of the warning signs of melanoma and fail to refer you on for further investigations.

The earlier the cancer is picked up the easier it is to treat it and the greater the chances of the treatment being successful. It is therefore very important that you do not experience any unnecessary delay in investigating further symptoms which may indicate the presence of skin cancer.

If you or a relative are concerned about treatment you have received from you GP and you feel there has been a delay in diagnosing or treating skin cancer we can offer you free expert advice on making a medical negligence claim.

Please call us on 0844 8449866 to discuss your potential case further.

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