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Mrs Jacobs is thrilled with her £11,428.00 win after using medical negligence claims specialists Michael Lewin.

Our client underwent an elective laparoscopic or keyhole sterilisation. The operation had to be converted to an open procedure due to complications during the procedure.

2 days after the sterilisation surgery, her condition began to decline. She was examined and the diagnosis was made that she her pancreas was inflamed.

she was diagnosed with peritonitis a day later and by this time she had damage to her bowel, fallopian tube and ovary. She underwent surgery for a second time and had to have tissue excised and repaired.

I have had a similar tale of medical negligence;will I have to pay fees up-front to use medical negligence solicitors?

We never charge our clients to make the claim; our cost are recovered from the other side. 100% of the compensation is given to you.

Her daughter had used Michael Lewin previously and she suggested that her Mum should use us to make a claim against the NHS. Mrs Jacobs was thrilled with the service that was provided to her.

If we can help you with your claim against the NHS call our team of medical negligence specialists, today on: 0844 499 9302.

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