Meditation To Relieve Work Related Stress

Meditation To Relieve Work Related Stress

A U.S study conducted has shown that small and regular sessions of meditation may present work relates stress.

The group of participants taking place in the study conducted by the Maharishi University’s Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention in Fairfield Iowa said that they felt less stressed after practising 20 minutes of meditation twice per day for a period of four months.

The participants reported feeling “less stressed and more energetic within a few days” and “less depressed and less emotionally exhausted” after meditating.

Although not specifically stated it is suggested that the meditation method used in the study was sitting with one’s eyes closed for 20 minutes and thinking about a particular mantra or sound.

Over here in the U.K Dr Ezard Ernstin of the University of Exeter said in response to the study that further studies and more detailed studies need to be carried out so that a more conclusive link can be associated between meditation and stress levels.

Janice Marturano founder and director of the Institute for Mindful Leadership in Oakland New Jersey said of the study: “meditation is a way to avoid working on ‘auto-pilot’” and “today’s 24/7 workplace connectivity requires employees to be mentally present at most times – something that doesn’t necessarily come naturally. The workplaces of the future could benefit by having a quiet room for workers to visit for 10 minutes or less”.

"Employees who come out of a stressful meeting or situation can then go inside and reset their minds so they do not have to carry that stress with them for the rest of the day" she said.

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