New Policies On Mental Health Disabilities And Addiction

New Policies On Mental Health Disabilities And Addiction

The Human Rights Commission in Canada Ontario has created new employment regulations. These policies are based upon the recognition that people suffering with mental health disabilities and addiction have faced “long-standing discrimination stigmatization and social exclusion in Canada and across the world.”

People particularly employers can be discriminative without even knowing. Many are searching for the cream of the crop to enrol into their business. Therefore when encountering a current employee or candidate for employment possessing mental health disabilities or problems with addiction they may find themselves taking an unfair and unjustified stance. For example refusing to employ someone or alternately firing them.

The Ontario Commission has a policy now in place prohibiting discrimination in employment on the basis of these factors. Candidates for employment also receive protection under this code before an employment relationship has even been established. It mentions in the new policy that disabilities are often invisible therefore it is the duty of an employer to inquire about specific needs.= and to accommodate for this.

It also incorporates how to recognise: mental health disabilities and addictions stereotypes and stigmas forms of discrimination the duty to accommodate and unique hardships. They believe it acts as a resource for employers to become acquainted with the obligations expected of them with respects of interaction with these people.

The only people not protected by discrimination laws are those who currently engage in illegal use of drugs those who pose a direct threat to the health and safety of others and those whose disabilities and addictions are not recorded or regarded as a disability.

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