Mental Health and Work: UK Report Published

Mental Health and Work: UK Report Published

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development produced a report in February 2014 titled ‘Mental Health and Work: UK Report’.

The report confirms that mental health issues cost the UK economy approximately £70 billion a year.

Dame Carol Black expert advisor at the Department for Health said “We must also be proactive and have workplaces where there is good work where managers are well trained where people have a sense of autonomy and feel good about going to work.”

The launch of the report was hosted by the Centre for Workforce Effectiveness at the Work Foundation and Stephen Bevan the Director commented that many large employers are taking significant steps to help employees with mental health problems but that on the whole too few employers are taking adequate action.

This report followed a government funded report which was published in January 2014 titled January ‘Closing the Gap: Priorities for Essential Change in Mental Health which outlined a number of proposals to improve mental health. Specifically it was stated that support would be provided to employers to promote workplace wellbeing and prevent the build up of stress at work.

Richard Coulthard Head of the Stress at Work Department at Michael Lewin Solicitors echoes the comments of Louise Aston Workwell director at Business in the Community who stated that ‘Stress is on the increase people are working longer and harder employers are doing more with less’.

Richard went onto say ‘Historically there has been a lot of stigma attached to mental health issues. Hopefully with appropriate education and publicity this will change. It is important that Employers understand the long term affects stress can have not just on individual employees but also on the business as a whole. Employers have a duty to take care of their staff and take reasonable steps to prevent an employee suffering mental health problems as a result of work related stress. Failure to do so may be negligent’

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