Mental Health Awareness Week (8th-14th May) Why We Should All Get Involved

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

This week (8th – 14th May) marks ‘Mental Health Awareness Week 2017’. This years campaign is centred around the expression ‘ Surviving or thriving’. Rather than ask why so many people are living with mental health problems, the aim of the campaign is to uncover why too few of us are thriving with good mental health.

Even with the tremendous work charities such as Mind, Mental Health Foundation and Heads Together have done campaigning ensuring mental health is a recognised illness; the stigma is still there. Admittingly, it will take time for everyone to be educated on the matter and much work needs to be done for people to understand the full extend as to what mental health sufferers have to deal with every day. When you have the ‘Royals’ Duke & Duchess of Cambridge & Prince Harry talking on the matter; you know great strides are being made!

It’s not just normal people like you and me who could suffer from Mental Health Illness. No. Even celebrities and the people we look up to the most may be suffering, and we don’t even know it. The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge & Prince Harry talked on behalf of charity ‘Heads Together’ during the promotional lead up to the London Marathon 2017. The talk touched upon mental health, the power of conversation and discussed bereavement, modern childhood, and dealing with trauma in the workplace. Prince Harry said, “If its physical injuries, it’s supposedly easier because you can see those injuries, where as if its hidden wounds, then no-one can see that but the effect that has on them, their family, their friends is huge, because people care about you.”

To further illustrate our point on how common mental health illnesses are. Here’s a list of celebrities who suffer with mental health related illnesses:


Justin Bieber – Depression

Angelina Jolie – Depression and Self harm

Britany Spears – Bipolar

Anthony Hopkins – Clinical Depression

Lady Gaga – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Barbara Streisand – Social Phobia

Sir Elton John – Bulimia and Substance misuse

Dame Kelly Holmes – Depression and Self-harm

Kylie Minogue – Depression

Were you shocked by any names on the list?

It just goes to show the people who you think are fulfilling all their dreams and are extremely wealthy do still succumb to depression and related Mental Health Disorders.

We would like to bring to your attention the Heads Together #oktosay campaign video, which we were referring to earlier in the post. The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge & Prince Harry sat down and talked about mental health and how they’ve experienced it in some capacity.

Live Q&A Session This Friday

On Friday 12th May were doing a live Q&A session on twitter. Use #LessStressMLS and submit your questions to us around the issue of Mental Health at work. We’ve got a team of experienced solicitors a touch of a button away.

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