Military Sergeant Arrested For Recruiting Struggling Women Into Prostitution Ring

Military Sergeant Arrested For Recruiting Struggling Women Into Prostitution RingA female soldier has come forward with claims that Gregory McQueen a military sergeant at Fort Hood recruited her at just 20 years-old into a prostitution ring. The investigation first began when McQueen was charged with abusive sexual contact and further misconduct.

The woman in question said the sergeant recruited female soldiers who were struggling for money into the escort business. At the time she was struggling to pay back her student loan whilst raising a 3 year-old child. McQueen asked her to take pictures of herself so that he could find her clients (mainly senior officers) with whom she could have sex with in return for money. She was still married at the time.

After sending him the pictures McQueen allegedly visited her in her Texas home where she was made to act out on him what she would do with prospective clients. She admits to having sex with him however first lied about it to the Army Criminal Investigation because she did not want to incriminate herself. She has now been granted immunity and has come forward to testify.

He later tried to get her to recruit other female soldiers for their services. He now faces charges of pandering conspiracy maltreatment of a subordinate abusive sexual contact adultery and detrimental conduct. The hearing is expected to last 2 days.

A total of six witnesses have testified including an Army sergeant who worked with McQueen in the Sexual Harassment Assault and Response Program at Fort Hood. The organisation was established in order to help sexual assault and harassment victims however McQueen is said to have been unreliable which made victims afraid to come forward.

A number of Fort Hood soldiers have already been demoted and reprimanded in connection with the allegations for involvement with a prostitute and committing adultery.

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