Hospital Conduct Under Scrutiny Again

Hospital Conduct Under Scrutiny Again

The Princess of Wales hospital has faced many attacks in the previous year which have resulted in an endeavour to produce a cultural change in the standards of and perceptions towards correct and effective conduct. The health board has introduced better training programmes and is taking further action to prevent further complaints about staff and overall care.

However despite the attempted improvements allegations have been made that reoccurring problems are ongoing. An anonymous whistle-blower said to be a former employee at the hospital has claimed that patients are hit left to lie in their own excrement and when they raise complaints are told to “zip it” and keep quiet by staff.

There are currently 12 nurses suspended over allegations of neglect and falsification of records to cover up mistakes. The hospital is also victim to a number of historic issues based on poor care and poor practice.The health board stated they are extremely distressed to hear about the allegations.

The highest number of complaints to the South Wales health board were centred around care followed by the attitudes of staff towards patients and between 2009 and 2013 there has been a 188 percent rise in overall complaints. The Princess of Wales Hospital received 898 the second largest number in the whole of South Wales. When asked how many of those complaints had been resolved or were still outstanding no response was given.

However Board secretary Steve Combe sis state that in contrast: “A total of 2056 compliments were recorded on the health board’s database during the year which included formal letters and correspondence expressing gratitude and appreciation for treatment. Many more cards letters and gifts were also sent directly to clinical teams and wards from grateful patients and relatives which have not been formally recorded.”

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