Electric Shocks Warnings over Mobile Phone Charger

Electric Shocks Warnings over Mobile Phone Charger

A mobile phone charger which is being sold in plain white packaging has been recalled due to concerns over causing users electric shock.

The pins are over sized requiring force to be used to insert and remove the plugs into the socket. Concern has been raised that this force could cause internal damage resulting in live wires to be exposed thereby increasing the risk of electric shock.

The charger does not comply with the European standard EN 60950 or the relevant UK standard.

The packaging of this product does not have any markings but the base plate of the charger says “Mr Gadget’s”.

If you have bought one of these charges you are advised to stop use of the same.

If you have suffered an electric shock using this mobile phone charger and have been injured please contact a member of our product liability team on 0844 499 9302.

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