More Criminals are Apologising to Victims for Crimes

More Criminals are Apologising to Victims for Crimes

Thousands of people involved in crimes have been using an apology to their victims instead of receiving punishment.

This information comes from a freedom of information request from the Labour party the figures showed that more than 10000 people who had committed a violent crime were “let off” with an apology. This was twelve times the figure for five years ago.

Last year the total number of community resolutions used for violence against a person was 33673.

This was part of an initiative of “community resolution” to make criminals face their victims apologise for their actions and in the process save police time and court costs.

The Times reported that Shadow Home Secretary Yvonne Cooper said “Offenders who admit serious and violent crimes – including knife crime domestic violence and serious assault – are increasingly being let off with no criminal record no justice and not even a caution. That’s bad for victims and goes against all evidence.”

The crimes included in this resolution were; stalking domestic violence hate and knife crime. The informal way that criminals deal with these crimes means that they escape without a criminal record.

Here at Oakwood it has been all change with part of the team relocating to the Devonshire offices to take on the world of Employment and Clinical Negligence law we’ve lost some faces and got to know some new ones.

The Road Traffic Accident team have flourished with new editions Katherine Law Mariette Marren Zoey Panesar Janine Ingham Julie Illingworth Fiona Siddall and Nicola Williams joining the team.

For Katherine Mariette Zoey and Fiona this is their first law position after completing their LPC and they are getting their teeth stuck in.

Janine and Julie have 20 years experience between them and are a great addition to Oakwood.

Katie Bell who has been working in the Harrogate Road office since November 2010 also moved across to us in March this year to finish off her training contract to become a Solicitor. Katie trained as a Barrister but couldn’t receive a pupilage so therefore cross qualified to become a solicitor.

Due to the volume of claims Michael Lewin Solicitors receive we have set up a new claims team who are the client’s first point of call.

Jenni Redmore Emilie Miller Shameem Bahar Bridie Tennant and Suzie Thistleton deal with the prospective clients enquiries. The claims team deal mainly with RTA and are increasingly getting more CICA (Criminal injuries compensation claims). Our department are currently looking to drum up more CICA business as we believe there are a large number of claims not being reported simply because people just don’t know that they can claim or where they can claim.

To combat this we are focusing on CICA have produced leaflets and will be starting a marketing campaign to target this area.

Going into 2013 we are researching different areas of law to expand our business into and give our prospective clients somewhere new to turn if they need to claim in areas other than RTA and CICA.

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