If you need motor accident advice following a road traffic accident there is no place better to come than Michael Lewin Solicitors. With such an extensive history of successful settlements and so muchexperience in the personal injury field we can answer any questions you have about car accident compensation.

Mr a came to Michael Lewin Solicitors after the driver of the car he was travelling in as a passenger pulled out from a side road onto a main road and caused a major collision. Not only did the driver of the vehicle endanger himself when he made that misjudged manoeuvre he also put other people’s lives at risk including those of the passengers in their vehicle and other travellers on the rod. Following his ordeal Mr A decided to make a personal injury claim and it was successfully settled by the road traffic accident solicitors from Michael Lewin Solicitors. Mr A was awarded a total of £2185.00 in personal injury compensation.

You should seek motor accident advice as soon as possible after a collision on the roads to ensure you do not miss your chance to claim all the compensation you deserve. If you have been unlucky enough to have sustained an injury in a road traffic accident and the accident was not your fault the following measures will be helpful if you do want to make a claim for personal injury compensation:

? Obtain the name address telephone number and insurance details of anyone else involved in the accident. Keep the registration number of the vehicle that caused the accident somewhere safe because the driver may have tried to get away with giving you false details.

? Take pictures at the scene of the accident particularly of the vehicle’s positions in the road and of the damage done to the vehicle/s and the surrounding area.

? Make a note of the exact location of the accident as well as the date and time it occurred.

? Report the incident to the police and co-operate with them fully.

? Take down the details of anyone who witnessed the accident.

? Never admit liability for the accident and if the other party admits liability tell your insurance company immediately when you report the accident to them.

? Make sure you see a medical professional about your injuries so that a record of them is available; this means you will be offered an appropriate level of compensation for your injuries.

For motor accident advice following a road traffic collision call the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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