The motor accident claims solicitors helped Mr Z claim over £1800.00 in personal injury compensation after he was injured in a road traffic accident due to the fault of a third party driver.

Mr Z was injured in a low impact collision in a car park because a third party vehicle exited a space without paying attention to the other car park users. Mr Z’s car was crashed into by another vehicle that was leaving a parking space. Because Mr Z had right of way and he started claiming compensation within three years of the accident he was entitled to a total award of £1830.00 in personal injury compensation.

Mr Z took advice from the personal injury team after he decided to seek compensation and decided to pursue his case. Based on our advice Mr Z was amply compensated for the injuries he sustained. We can help you if you have been injured on the roads through no fault of your own even if you were a cyclist or pedestrian involved in an accident with a vehicle.

If you have been involved in a car crash you should seek advice from Michal Lewin’s expert motor accident claims solicitors. The experts on the road traffic collision compensation team have so much experience in claiming for road traffic victims that we can tell you in seconds over the phone if you are eligible for an award.

We can also tell you if you are entitled to claim back for any ‘special expenses? you have lost as a result of you accident. When your award entitlement is calculate you solicitors will base your award amount on two elements:

General damages: This part of your award is made for the physical injury you have sustained and the pain and suffering it has caused you. The nature of the injury and the time it took to heal are both key factors in this part of the award. Other general damages include things such as loss of amenity; if for example you have been unable to carry out any daily tasks such as picking up your children an additional amount of compensation may be awarded.

Special damages: This element is reserved for any road traffic accident victims who have suffered financially as a result of their accident. Loss of earnings would fall into this category if you have been unable to work because of the accident.

For more information about the two elements of compensation you need to speak in detail with a personal injury solicitor from Michael Lewin.

To speak to the motor accident claims solicitors about the eligibility of your case call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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