If you are looking for advice or information about the motor accident commission you need to speak to the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors as we can answer any questions you have about road traffic accidents.

Accidents like the side impact collision that Mr I was injured in happen on roads every day in Great Britain. Accidents like Mr I’s that take place at junctions are completely unavoidable and it is not necessary for innocent road users to be injured because of the ignorance or recklessness of third parties. Unfortunately accidents like Mr I’s do happen all the time. Luckily Michael Lewin Solicitors will be able to help you if you experienced a similar incident and you think compensation will help you to move on from the accident.

Mr I’s accident took place whilst he was travelling down the main road. Mr I was proceeding correctly and lawfully and was not committing any road traffic offences at the time of the accident. He was not speeding nor had he been drinking at the time of the accident.
You need to speak to a personal injury specialist from Michael Lewin Solicitors if you need further information about the motor accident commission.

Mr I was surprised to find himself being involved in a road traffic collision as he had been travelling on the main road and his path had right of way; a third party driver pulled out from a side road and into the path of Mr I’s oncoming vehicle. Had the vehicle been obeying the Highway Code and waited until Mr I had passed safely the accident would never have happened. Mr I was awarded over £2500.00 for his injuries after coming to Michael Lewin Solicitors for legal representation for his case.

The level of compensation that Mr I was awarded was appropriate for the level of pain and suffering he had to endure throughout the recovery period. If you choose Michael Lewin solicitor s to work on your behalfyou can rest assured that your compensation award will accurately reflect all of the suffering you have had to put up with after the accident; including any financial suffering. If you have lost out on wages because your injuries have made in impossible to work or if you are in a hurry to recover and have spent a fortune on private medical treatment for your injuries you can gain reimbursement for all of these losses as part of your claim.

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