Miss G made a motor accident compensation claim and was awarded a very satisfying four figure sum in compensation thanks to the expert personal injury lawyers at Michael Lewin Solicitors.

Miss G was driving her car along a main road when she was involved in a road traffic accident caused by a third party emerging from a side road. As the driver on the main road Miss G had right of way and the third party vehicle should have waited for her to pass safely before attempting to pull out. The third party car collided with the side of Miss G’s vehicle and she sustained some painful injuries often associated with road traffic accidents.

Luckily Miss G came to the experts on the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors for help after she decided to make a claim for personal injury compensation. We were happy to take on Miss G’s personal injury case as we were satisfied that she met with our criteria for making a claim.

When you are making a claim for personal injury compensation following a road accident collision whether it is against the insurance company of the responsible party or the motor insurer’s bureau if the responsible driver was uninsured you must be able to answer the qualifying questions positively:

? Were you completely blameless for the road traffic incident occurring?

? Have you sustained an injury as a direct result of the accident?

? Did you seek appropriate medical assistance for the injuries you sustained?

? Was the incident reported to the police?

? Has the incident occurred within the last three years?

Seeking legal advice is the most sensible option if you are thinking about making a motor accident compensation claim. The solicitors on Michael Lewin’s personal injury team are happy to offer you advice over the phone if you want to start a claim.

In order to make a claim against the insurance of the responsible driver you must have their details in order to start a claim even if it is just their registration number. We must be able to recognise the vehicle involved in an accident if you wish to claim against their insurance. If you were hit by a driver that drove off and you were unable to get their details don?t panic we are still able to help you make a claim.

It is very important that you do seek legal advice about your claim as the solicitors at Michael Lewin will get the best possible result they can on your behalf. To start your motor accident compensation claim call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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