The motor vehicle accident claims specialists from Michael Lewin Solicitors helped Mr F gain over £2300.00 in recompense for the injuries he sustained in a road traffic collision.

At least 200000 vehicle related accidents are reported to the police every year in the UK despite the strict laws that apply to driving on the roads. Many of these accidents are caused by human error; either by the recklessness of a driver or by their negligence. If a reckless or negligent driver has caused you to sustain an injury you can make a claim against them for compensation (provided the accident has happened within the last three years.)

If you have been injured by a reckless driver you may have experienced an event caused by the following:

? A driver swerving between lanes and not noticing you in their side mirror.

? ?Tailgating? is the biggest cause of rear end collisions. If a driver is driving too close to the rear of your car there is a good chance they will hit you if you have to brake suddenly or you slow down and they do not notice. An appropriate distance should be maintained between cars at all times.

? Excessive use of speed. This accounts for numerous high-speed collisions which cause very serious injuries to victims. You have much less control over your vehicle if you are using excessive speeds you have less time to react to hazards so you are more likely to be involved in a collision and you have a much greater chance of failing to stop in time to avoid an accident because the faster you drive the longer it takes for you to come to a halt.

You should seek motor vehicle accidents claims advice if you have been injured by another driver on the road. You are entitled to claim compensation if the road traffic collision you were involved in was caused by someone else. You can also claim compensation if the driver responsible for the accident was uninsured.

Mr F was awarded a total of £2320.00 in personal injury compensation after he was hit in the rear by a third party driver; it remains unclear if the third party driver was reckless or negligent but his does not change the fact that they caused Mr F an injury. Compensation was awarded to Mr F by the third part for the painful injuries he sustained as a result of them crashing into the rear of his vehicle.

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