Car and motorbike accidents happen on roads in the UK every day and sometimes an injury can occur; the personal injury claims solicitors at Michael Lewin can help you with your case for recompense if someone else is responsible for your injuries.

Mr K was injured in a road traffic accident and a third party was responsible for the incident occurring. As the passenger in a vehicle Mr K was automatically able to make a claim as he had not been responsible for the control of any vehicle at the time the incident occurred. Mr K also made his claim within three years of the incident which is particularly important.

Mr K was in a vehicle that was stationary at a zebra crossing. A third party driver crashed into the back of the car in which Mr K was a passenger. The third party car that failed to stop before hitting the stationary car that Mr K was in was responsible for the incident. Mr K and the driver of the vehicle he was in were both eligible to make a claim for personal injury compensation as the accident was not their fault. Even if the driver of the vehicle that Mr K was in was responsible for the accident Mr K would still have been eligible to make a compensation claim.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors Mr K’s claim was settled in a timely manner and he was awarded £1570.00 for his injuries.

Victims of car or motorbike accidents should seek medical assistance immediately after an accident even if the impact seemed mild; the claims experts at Michael Lewin can help you make a claim no matter how mild or severe your injuries were.

Mr K was injured because a third party vehicle failed to notice that the car in front in which Mr K was a passenger had stopped at a zebra crossing. This accident could have happened for any number of reasons; the driver of the responsible vehicle could have been distracted and failed to notice that the car in front had stopped or the third party driver that caused the crash could have been using a mobile phone and failed to keep their eyes on the road.

There are a number of other reasons that a crash like this could occur; the third party driver could have mis-judged the distance they needed to stop and failed to come to a halt before impact. Whatever the reason for an accident you are entitled to make a claim if you did not cause it.

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