The motorcycle accident claims experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors can offer you a quick and easy assessment of your case over the phone and advise you about your eligibility to make a claim in minutes.

If you have been injured on the roads whilst riding your motorbike you may be eligible to make a claim for personal injury compensation. In the majority of car accidents which happen on roads in the UK the most common type of injury that is sustained is the whiplash injury. With accidents involving motorbikes the incidents usually have much more serious injuries involved even fatal ones.

As a motorcyclist you are at a far greater risk of sustaining a very serious or possible fatal personal injury. When you are driving a car you are protected a lot more than a motorbike rider; motorcyclists have to rely solely on the protective clothing they are wearing to prevent them from harm. Even the most confident and experienced bike riders may not be able to avoid an accident if it is caused by a third party road user. Car drivers are not always as aware of motorcyclists on the road as they should be so greater car should be taken on the roads if you are riding a motorbike.

You should seek advice from the motorcycle accident claims experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors following an RTA as you could be eligible for a substantial award. Miss M was awarded a total of £1766.60 after she decided to pursue her case for RTA compensation.

If you have sustained a personal injury as a motorcyclist you should make a claim for personal injury compensation if the accident was not your fault as you may have suffered some very serious injuries to your persona; these injuries in turn may have affected both your emotional and financial well-being. Our aim is to secure you recompense for any suffering you have had to endure.

The following advice is designed to help you as a motorcyclist avoid being involved in a road traffic collision:

? Other vehicle drivers may glance down the road and think it is safe to pull out at a junction as they do not check carefully for an approaching biker; to avoid being missed by another road user you should wear bright and fluorescent clothing if you are riding your bike in daylight. 50% of motorbike accidents approximately take place on junctions and are caused by a third party vehicle who has failed to notice the oncoming biker.

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