If you have been involved in an RTA whilst riding your motorcycle and you have sustained an injury through no fault of your own you may be entitled to make a claim. Mr C from Soham recently received £1610.00 in personal injury compensation after being involved in a non-fault RTA.

Statistics show that the rider of a motorcycle is over 50 times more likely to sustain serious or fatal injuries in a road traffic collision than the driver of another vehicle. This is mainly because a car lorry or van driver has the protection of the vehicle around them to absorb some of the impact. Other vehicle drivers are also wearing seatbelts and in dome cars are protected with air bags and numerous other safety features. The rider of a motorcycle has no protection other than the riding apparel he is wearing.

Both car drivers and motorbike riders need to be equally vigilant on the roads. Car drivers should always be aware that there are motorbikes on the road and should pay extra attention to looking out for them particularly at junctions; over 50% of accidents involving motorbikes happen at junctions because a third party vehicle has not seen the motorbike approaching.

Finding out about your eligibility to make a motorcycle injury claim will only take a few minutes over the phone. We have so much experience in making compensation claims we can assess claims quickly and effectively.

If you are a car driver the following information may help you avoid a collision with a motorbike rider:

? Keep your distance from a motorcycle if you see one on the road. An inexperienced motorcyclist may become intimidated by you driving your car too close and this may cause a serious accident.

? Always check and then double check for motorbikes if you are planning on changing lanes. In a lot of cases the blind spot on your mirrors will not enable you to see an approaching bike rider.

? Always check for motorbikes approaching when you are about to turn; if there are large cars or vehicles around you it may be difficult to spot a motorbike so you have to be extra vigilant.

? Whether you are turning left or right you need to check on both sides for a motorbike as they may pass you on either side.

? Always look extra carefully for motorbikes at junctions; it can be incredibly difficult to spot an approaching motorcycle if you just glance at the road on each side. Look carefully and then look again. If in doubt about the seed of an approaching motorbike wait.

To start your case for making a motorcycle injury claim call Michael Lewin Solicitors today on: 0844 844 8180.

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