Muslim Victim Overkilled As Stabbed Repeatedly In Essex

Muslim Victim Overkilled As Stabbed Repeatedly In Essex

Nahid Almanea 31 was walking home from University last week when she was brutally attacked and stabbed to death. Essex police are looking into a racially motivated crime as the victim was wearing a patterned hijab scarf and a dark navy Abaya (full-length robe) which would have identified Almanea as a Muslim.

She suffered from severe fatal injuries and stab wounds which the post-mortem revealed were the cause of her death as she was stabbed 16 times – an overkill as there were reportedly 2 knife wounds that would have been fatal alone however the other knife wounds covered her body neck head and arms. The paramedics tried to save Almanea but she died at the scene.

Omar Ali president of Fosis (Federation of Student Islamic Societies) stated that if this is a religious attack Almanea is not the first Muslim student to be targeted as a result of Islamophobia and certainly she will not be the last member of the Muslim community attacked in the UK. He added that there has been an increase in hate crimes over the past few years so he would not be surprised if this was the nature of the crime.

Nearby residents have been asked by police to check their bins for a discarded weapon or bloody clothes. They have also been warned not to walk alone in secluded areas and to pick children up from school. However this has not been aimed solely at Muslim communities as three months prior to the attack a similar murder took place nearby.

James Attfield suffered from brain damage and was stabbed whilst walking through a park more than 100 times causing him to die. Detectives have commented upon “immediate similarities” in the attacks as both victims were “overkilled” meaning they were stabbed more times than was necessary to kill them. Although police stress they are not linking both murders they are conducting separate investigations in parallel.

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