Mr K of Surbiton is pleased that he went to Michael Lewin to get compensation after his neck injury; if you have suffered from any neck injury at work call our sympathetic professional staff at Michael Lewin.

Mr K of Surbiton had been going about his work duties as normal when he slipped on some water which had escaped from an air conditioning unit.

He injured his head and neck; he suffered severe bruising on his back and his neck suffered from whiplash type injuries which recurred over the subsequent few months.

Employers should be aware that non-abidance of the requirements as set out in the 1974 health and safety act results in very serious consequences for themselves and their employees.

Employees can be seriously injured by way of faulty equipment which they have been given or by using defective equipment which then causes an accident. These accidents then have penalties from the employer needing to replace or re-train the member of staff who was injured to possibly paying out for rehabilitation and compensation for financial losses which the employee has suffered due to the accident.

If you have suffered from a neck injury at work which was someone else’s fault call Michael Lewin’s expert solicitors to start your claim today.

Mr Kasked Michael Lewin to take his neck injury claim as he felt that his employers had neglected several of their important duties of care towards himself. He felt that there should have been a sign telling him that there was a slip hazard on the floor; he also felt that his employer’s attitude after the event had been less than he expected.

People taking positive action by making a claim is we think the best thing for all of us. The more people who take companies to court or take further action after they have been injured should mean that the companies will sit up and take note when they are forced to pay out compensation for the damage which they have caused their customers or workers.

We can only imagine the chaos which could ensue if it was left to employers or retailers to have a conscience. The acts like the 1974 health and safety ones are in place for a reason.

Employers may also have to undergo an investigation and face the closure of their firm if serious negligence has resulted in a near-fatal accident on their premises. These are extreme consequences which employers rarely consider but checking equipment can prevent a great deal of heartache further down the line.

If Michael Lewin can help you with a neck injury which was sustained at work call today to talk to caring staff on: 0844 499 9302.

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