Michael Lewin Solicitors secured a positive result for Mr K when he asked them to claim compensation on his behalf after he suffered a neck injury at work: at the end of his claim Mr K was awarded ?3300.00 in damages thanks to the skills and determination of the dedicated team in Leeds.

45 year old Mr K sustained neck injuries when he was hit by a falling item at work. Mr K had a strong case and third party fault was established quite quickly.

Many personal injury claims are long drawn out procedures which simply add to the victims stress after already suffering a traumatic ordeal. Michael Lewin’s team have an exceptional reputation for their caring and sympathetic attitude whilst still maintaining a strong and professional will to secure a successful outcome for their clients. They always put their clients? needs first and keep them informed every step of the way giving them peace of mind that they are in safe hands.

Mr K’s neck injury is one of thousands of injury claims made each year which have resulted from an accident at work; employees have a right to be safe at work and if employers have failed in their duty to provide a safe environment which has resulted in an employee being hurt Michael Lewin’s personal injury claim advisors in Leeds will work around the clock to ensure that a fair settlement is reached.

The most common injuries sustained by a falling object are head and neck injuries. Any injury to the neck and spine can affect the nerve signals to the rest of the body and unfortunately the neck is very vulnerable to injury. Head injuries can be quite serious and sometimes fatal.

Another hazard of falling objects is the danger of them knocking people off balance. Consider a victim who suffers a dangerous fall from a height when they are struck by a falling object.

Employers business owners or anyone who is responsible for a building or outside area has a legal responsibility to protect anyone who sets foot on their property. It could be an employee client visiting contractor or member of the public. Any neglect of their duty of care could cause an accident and in turn cost them thousands of pounds and a lot of anguish.

If you have suffered a neck injury at work or have been injured in any accident that wasn?t your fault register your claim now with Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds who will take all the hassle and legal issues off your hands and ensure you get the compensation you deserve: 0844 499 9302.

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