Mrs C contacted Michael Lewin Solicitors to make a claim against her employer after she suffered a neck injury during a fall at work; she wanted compensation and described her accident to the personal injury team in Leeds who accepted her case on a no win no fee basis.

Mrs C from Northampton wanted to claim damages for the neck injuries she sustained when she slipped and fell in the ladies toilets at work. She hadn?t been aware that the floor was wet and although the incident may have at first appeared minor she had fallen awkwardly and the injuries to her neck were very painful. Any injury to the neck and spine can affect the nerve signals to the rest of the body. Depending on the severity of the injury this can have a severe impact on coping with daily activities.

Any wet surface should be signposted or blocked off from people walking in that area until it has been cleared. If an accident occurs because these procedures have not been followed as in the case of Mrs C then the victim is entitled to claim compensation for their injuries.

A neck injury like Mrs C’s is just one of the injuries than can result from a slip on a wet floor; some very serious accidents have occurred at work in very similar circumstances and it is possible to get compensation with the help of Michael Lewin’s dedicated personal injury team based in Leeds who make it their duty to ensure that victims are awarded the damages they deserve.

Employers are duty bound to ensure that good housekeeping routines are in place to reduce the risk of slips and falls at work. Responsibilities for cleaning should be clear and good routines set in place and adhered to.

Any employees such as cleaners who are exposed to wet floors should be provided with suitable footwear. Particular care and attention should be taken during the colder months when rain ice and snow increase the risk of wet floors. Not only do these weather conditions severely affect the safety of pedestrians outside but moisture can very easily be tracked into a building so effective measures should be taken to reduce this risk.

If you have suffered a fall at work if you have a neck injury or any injury at all which has been caused by an accident at work you may be entitled to claim compensation and the first step to claiming the damages you deserve is to call Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds who will take care of everything for you: 0844 499 9302.

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