Experts in employer liability cases at Michael Lewin Solicitors were delighted to be able to help Mrs C claim damages after she suffered a neck injury at work; the personal injury advisors at Michael Lewin in Leeds were able to bring Mrs C’s case to a quick resolution and secure their client a deserving settlement figure.

Mrs C from Norwich suffered a frightening and painful ordeal when a colleague dropped a canister of oil on her head leaving her with painful neck injuries and suffering from shock. Michael Lewin quickly confirmed third party liability and worked around the clock to ensure that Mrs C got the compensation she deserved as quickly as possible. In cases like Mrs C’s the victim has already suffered enough and can often find the long drawn out process of a personal injury claim quite traumatic. Michael Lewin’s team guarantee a professional caring and sympathetic service always putting their clients? needs first.

Mrs C was awarded ?2600.00 in compensation for her accident. She didn?t have to pay Michael Lewin for any of their work because the legal costs were charged to the third party. This also meant that she received 100% of her compensation.

There are countless claims made every year for injuries caused by falling objects like the neck injury suffered by Mrs C and sadly they are often caused by negligence and carelessness; if you have been involved in an accident at work you can talk to Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds to get expert legal advice on you your best course of action.

Solicitors at Michael Lewin could help Mrs C because she was involved in an accident which was not her fault but caused by an unsafe working environment. The majority of accidents caused by falling objects are preventable. They can be caused by incorrectly stacked items falling off a shelf or a poorly maintained structure.

Falling objects can often cause very serious head injuries or even a fatality. Consider a victim who suffers a dangerous fall from a height when they are struck by a falling object.

Anyone who is responsible for the premises in which a person is injured in an accident that wasn?t their fault could be liable for breaching their duty of care.

If you have suffered a neck injury at work or been injured in any accident that wasn?t your fault don?t get tangled up in the web of personal injury law put yourself in the hands of the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds who will take care of everything for you: 0844 499 9302.

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