Here’s What You Need To Know About Accident Hotspots

Accident hotspots

An accident hotspot is a particular area where road traffic accidents are more likely to happen due to a number of reasons that we will look into within this article. We will look at why a particular location becomes an accident hotspot, what drivers should be aware of and how to adjust their driving to avoid being involved in a road traffic accident.

Why does a particular location become an accident hotspot?

  • Lane markings on roads fade; especially bike lanes and arrows
  • Lack of adequate street lighting
  • No controlled or zebra pedestrian crossings in areas with a high volume of pedestrians e.g. near schools, shopping centres or pubs and clubs
  • Uncontrolled major roundabouts and unmarked crossroads
  • Poor visibility due to the road layout or parked cars restricting a drivers view

What should drivers be aware of, and how should they adjust their driving?

  • Be aware of pedestrians and cyclists, not just cars
  • Pull out slowly onto a major roads and keep checking left and right
  • Reduce the vehicles speed generally
  • Don’t chance amber lights!
  • Use headlights as soon as darkness affects visibility
  • Don’t count on others to drive responsibly
  • Be aware of speed limits and road signs
  • Reduce your distance from the car in front to allow for more braking time

What measures could the Highways Agency take to improve such areas?

  • Maintain road markings and signs if they become damaged or less visible to drivers
  • Put up accident hotspot signs, make drivers more aware of potential hazards
  • Build more controlled pedestrian crossings
  • Create more bike lanes to make cycling safer
  • Implement traffic calming measures in order to reduce road users speed

Article Written By:

  • Rob Crompton Head of RTA Department

    Department: Road Traffic Accidents & Criminal Injury

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