Case Study: NHS – Zero hours contracts

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The NHS has recently been hitting the headlines due to their “zero hours contracts” for staff. David von Hagen discussed in Money Talk for the BBC of how “the use of zero hours contracts has caused a great deal of controversy particularly for the highly professional staff in organisations such as NHS trusts. The proposals are that midwives cardiologists anaesthetists psychiatrists and other trained health professionals put on zero hours contracts rather than ordinary employment contracts.” A zero hours contract is unlike an ordinary employment contract which is an agreement between an employer and employee that outlines that in exchange for the employee working a set number of hours per week they would be paid an agreed amount at regular intervals. There is security in the contract for both parties with the employee knowing that he/she will get paid and that the employer will know somebody is there to do the work.

A zero hours contract removes this and the employer can use and pay the employee only when required making it more cost-efficient for the employer.

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