NHS Staff Survey 2013 Shows Growing Concerns for Staff Welfare

NHS Staff Survey 2013 Shows Growing Concerns for Staff Welfare

The NHS have for the past 11 years completed a national survey of staff to assess various aspects of work and health for those employed by the NHS.

The NHS Staff Survey 2013 has just been published and the results are concerning with results in most areas showing a worrying trend that work related stress is on the rise amongst NHS employees and that there appears to be a concern that management taken little notice of concerns raised by members of staff. Indeed only 28% of those surveyed felt that their line manager acted upon feedback from staff with only 36% of staff feeling that communication between line manages and staff were effective.

The NHS employ approximately 1.7 million staff. Of these only 416000 individuals were invited to complete the survey and only approximately 203000 actually completed the survey. Nevertheless the survey provides a snapshot into the life of those employed by the NHS.

The report concludes that 39% of staff reported that they had suffered ill health due to stress at work in the proceeding 12 months. This figure has risen from 38% in the previous survey in 2012.

Furthermore 23% of staff felt bullied or harassed by other members of staff and approximately 3% of staff had experienced physical violence by other members of staff.

In addition to issues of bullying harassment and violence from other members of staff the report concluded that 15% of staff had been subjected to physical violence by patients and 28% of staff had been bullied or harassed by patients.

The survey further revealed that in the opinion of staff only 44% stated that there organisation takes positive action on health and well being.

The figures are most concerning amongst staff in ambulance trusts who scored worst in many areas. Indeed 51% of those working in ambulance trusts reported work related stress. Moral amongst ambulance staff appears to be very low with only 21% of staff feeling that there work was valued by the Trust.

Richard Coulthard Head of the Stress at Work Department at Michael Lewin Solicitors said ‘The results of the survey show a worrying trend with an increasing number of staff suffering with stress related illness. Indeed the fact that over half of ambulance staff report work related stress is truly staggering and in any private company this sort of level of health problems would be crippling. These figures demonstrate very clearly what my own clients are telling me and that is there is a culture of stress in the NHS and a very clear perception that management turn a blind eye to these issues.’

Richard went on to express surprise at the extent of physical violence by staff members ‘Obviously the report shows that 3% of staff had been subjected to physical violence by another member of staff. The percentage seems low but if applied to the total number of staff employed by the NHS then this would equate to approximately 50000 members of staff being assaulted in the previous 12 months. This is very concerning indeed.’

The full survey can be viewed at http://goo.gl/mXw2Co

If you believe that you may have a claim for stress at work or require advice regarding work related issues then please contact Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302 or email stress@michaellewin.co.uk

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