Doctors Think the Huge NHS Bailout is “only papering the cracks”

Doctors Think the Huge NHS Bailout is"only papering the cracks"

Doctors think the Huge NHS Bailout is “only papering the cracks”
Plans were announced this week for a £500m government bail out for NHS A&E units which doctors believe is just covering the issues.
The British Medical Association believes the move means that the austerity measures have failed.
David Cameron has called the bail out a “short-term measure” and is aware that more improvements are needed.
The bailout is sourced from the Department of Health’s efficiency savings programme and will be fed into A&E units and linked community services i.e. pharmacies.
The bailout is part of a crisis plan that the government has outlined although MPs have labelled “confusing” and “contradictory”. As they are concerned about how the NHS will cope next winter.
The issues in the A&E units have now begun to settle over the recent months for the first three months of the year the system hit record level waiting times and missed the four-hour waiting time targets. Causing more than 300000 patients to wait in A&E units longer than necessary – which is a 39% increase on last year.
The Prime Minister told BBC Breakfast.
“The money helps in the short term.”
The £500m bail out will be pumped into the A&E units with the worst problems.
Dr Clifford Mann disagrees with the prime minister and spoke to BBC Radio 4 about his concerns about the bail out being a short term solutions.
"It seems disingenuous and in many ways demoralising to those that managed to apparently perform satisfactorily to understand or realise that they will benefit from this not at all."
He went on to say that it isn’t solving the actual problems which he believes are a short of doctors.

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