Infection After Treatment Of NHS Doctors And Nurses At An All Time High

Infection After Treatment Of NHS Doctors And Nurses At An All Time High

The National Health Service is the world’s largest publicly funded health service in the world. However infection after treatment of NHS doctors and nurses is at an all time high.

Statistics by the National Institution for Health and Care Excellence has estimated that one in 16 people treated in the NHS are picking up an infection. This amounts to a total of 300000 people every year a number that could be avoided if accredited health standards were followed.

Infections can include anything from pneumonia to urine tract infections and they are becoming a hindrance to the recovery of patients in terms of cost in addition to well-being. Speculation from authorities like deputy chief executive and director of health and social care Prof Leng are appalled at current infection rates. They have stated it is completely “unacceptable” for this to be happening especially as patients put their entire trust in the medical professionals involved the process of treatment.

Medical negligence claims are increasing; particularly when it comes to claims about the NHS which have risen by 20 percent in the last year and by 80 percent since 2008 – a phenomenally steep increase. The payout for compensation due to negligence by the NHS has nearly amounted to £19 billion.

Many patients have stated that they felt obliged to claim when the hospital responsible for their care refused an apology or an explanation as to where they went wrong during treatment.

Healthcare workers have been informed that they must ensure hygiene standards are being maintained by always cleaning their hands thoroughly and using catheters or vascular access devices safely. However this is something one would expect in a professional hospital and not something that should have to be reiterated.

People are becoming less inclined to yield to a failure in care especially when it comes to professional treatment like that of NHS doctors and nurses. However reports have shown that most people are only taking legal action when every other option had failed.

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