NHS Chief Wants the Law to Crackdown on Cosmetic Surgery Cowboys

NHS Chief Wants the Law to Crackdown on Cosmetic Surgery Cowboys

The cosmetic surgery industry is a £2.3 billion industry and thanks to a growing obsession with glamour and celebrity it’s only going to increase. The pressure to achieve this glamorous look means that people are looking for cheaper alternatives and might be putting themselves in danger.

Medical director Sir Bruce Keogh wants new laws to overhaul the cosmetic industry and ensure that people aren’t visiting “cowboy surgeons” as early as next year.

One of the highlighted procedures in the review is fillers which plump the skin and aim to eradicate wrinkles and crows feet.

Sir Bruce headed a review warning that the cosmetic procedures had “no more control than a bottle of floor cleaner”.

The effects that patients have suffered from fillers include;

– Disfigurement

– Bruising

– Blindness

Sir Bruce is concerned that anybody could do the procedure on anyone else medically qualified or not.

Sir Bruce has claimed that it is “crisis waiting to happen” and has called for “proper professional requirements.”

The committee are calling for a register of breast implants to be set up within year after the PIP implant scandal.

The Daily Mail revealed the key demands of the review.

· Compulsory registration and better training of all those in the industry from beauty therapists to breast surgeons.

· Banning ‘distasteful’ cut-price deals buy-one-get one-free offers and plastic surgery competition prizes.

· Insurance for clinics a cooling off period and information for patients about the success rates of surgeons.

· Facial fillers to be prescription only.

James Ashton head of the product liability team thinks it’s been a long time coming.

“It is about time that the NHS began to crack down on the Cosmetic Industry. It has been far too easy for anyone to administer buy or use products that are just completely unsafe. People are ‘qualifying’ as ‘experts’ by going on courses for a weekend or a couple of evenings the courses are paid for by the manufactures of the unsafe products.

“Hopefully with the government will back the new rules and really begin to clamp down with not only making the products safer but also ensuring that the ‘experts’ are really that.

“In a world where people are growing ever more conscious about appearance and with the media peddling the idea of beauty being of paramount importance it is vital that steps are taken to protect the consumer at all times. I often wonder how a society as litigious as the USA can have such strict rules and regulations about cosmetic surgery yet we have so few.

“I would always advise that if you have suffered any harm as a result of Cosmetic Treatment that you have received it is imperative that you attend your GP and advise them of your problems.

If you have suffered as a result of Cosmetic Treatment or if you know someone who has please feel free to contact me to discuss the same on 0113 2009 742.”

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