For ?no win no fee? injury claims advice there is no better firm of solicitors to turn to than Michal Lewin. We have an excellent reputation and track record for the way we handle claims and the speed in which we are able to get cases resolved.

One of the successful cases we have settled recently was for a 46 year old man who sustained a personal injury in a road traffic accident. Mr d was traveling on a major road when all of a sudden a third party vehicle pulled out from a parked position at the side of the road and caused a major collision.

The incident that Mr D was involved in was in no way Mr D’s fault; the driver of the car waiting to pull out should have waited to make sure the road was completely clear before attempting to manoeuvre or if they did not see Mr D’s car approaching should take more care checking their mirrors. When pulling out from a parked position at the side of a road you should ALWAYS look over your shoulder as well as checking your mirrors because in certain positions your mirrors do not show you all the traffic coming from behind. This is known as the ?blind spot? and is responsible for many road traffic accidents occurring.

If you are in doubt about your eligibility to make a claim you should seek ?no win no fee? injury claims advice from the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors.

Mr D sustained a very painful injury in the collision typical of this kind of road traffic accident and he had to spend a significant amount of time rehabilitating before he was fully recovered.

We offered our services to Mr D on a no win no fee basis and we were extremely confident that we would have no problems settling his claim quickly. Thanks to our hard work and expertise Mr D was awarded £3000.00 in personal injury compensation. We were extremely pleased with the award amount that Mr D was offered and he got to keep 100% of his award.

If you choose to use our no win no fee service for claiming personal injury compensation you will to have to pay your legal fees if in the unlikely event we are unsuccessful. When we do settle your case you will get to keep your full award amount; this is your money that is given to you to compensate you for your injuries and we wouldn?t want to take it away. Our fees are paid by the third party responsible for your accident.

To speak to a ?no win no fee? injury claims advisor with years of expertise in the personal injury field call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180today.

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