You should seek legal representation from an experienced and qualified noise-induced hearing loss professional like those on the industrial disease team at Michael Lewin as soon as you have been diagnosed as suffering from any form of hearing loss to see if you are eligible to make a compensation claim for industrial hearing loss compensation in the UK.

Every hearing loss victim in the UK if their hearing loss has developed as a result of their working conditions has the right to make a compensation claim for an award that is appropriate for the level of deafness they have sustained through no fault of their own.

The actual award amount that you receive at the end of your claim will depend on the level of hearing loss you have sustained as well as on the negotiation skills of the solicitor working on your behalf. If you want an expert negotiator to get the best outcome possible for your industrial disease claim you need to come to Michael Lewin Solicitors to get started. Our solicitors are all expert negotiators and will continue working tirelessly on your behalfuntil you are happy with the award amount that you are being offered by the thirdparty that caused your deafness.

if you are suffering with noise-induced hearing loss and it was developed in your excessively noisy work environment Michael Lewin Solicitors dedicated personal injury team can help you make a claim for the compensation you are legally entitled to in the UK.

The legal executives on the industrial disease team are here to help you claim the compensation you deserve for the deafness you have developed in a workplace where the noise levels were excessive an you were unprotected from the dangerous exposure to the sounds.

Michael Lewin Solicitors industrial disease lawyers can assure you that the award we secure for you will be proportional to the level of hearing loss you have to endure; we can also claim if you are suffering from tinnitus as an associated illness. We will aim to secure a compensation award on your behalf that is appropriate for the level of workplace deafness you are suffering from. You can make a no win no fee claim through us regardless of the degree or severity of noise induced hearing loss (deafness) you have developed.

A no win no fee claim for industrial deafness compensation was made by a machine operator called Mrs F. The mill where Mrs F was an employee subjected their members of staff to long angruelling hours of work amongst some of the noisiest machines in the industry Mrs F was awarded £21309.00 for her hearing loss.

To speak to an experienced noise-induced hearing loss legal executive from the specialist industrial disease and injury division of Michael Lewin Solicitors about making an industrial diseases claim for workplace hearing loss compensation in the UK you should call: 0844 499 9302 or email soon as possible to ensure you qualify for making a claim and that you are within the time limits for starting a case for compensation.

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