Are you thinking about making a noise induced hearing loss (deafness) claim for personal injury compensation because you are suffering from employment related industrial deafness?

You are legally entitled to make a no win no fee occupational deafness claim with the help of the industrial deafness solicitors from the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors if your employment conditions have resulted in your ears being damaged. The noise induced hearing loss (deafness) team consisting of solicitors who are experts in the industrial injury field is dedicated to helping innocent victims of employment related illness claim the compensation they are entitled to for their unnecessary suffering.

Miss F suffered from moderate work related deafness as a result of working in a nightclub for five years. Miss F worked in a large nightclub on the bar that was situated on the dance floor. The bar had to enormous speakers at each side providing music for the clients. Miss F noticed just a few weeks after leaving the bar that she could not hear the television without turning it up; her partner was complaining it was too loud so she went to get her ears tested.

Miss F’s doctor said she was suffering from partial hearing loss and suggested that her job might be to blame. It was very easy to link Miss F’s employment conditions to the hearing loss she had sustained. Michael win solicitors were happy to act on behalf of miss F and were able to settle her case in a timely manner. Thanks to our hard work Miss F was awarded a total of £8016.50 for her work related partial deafness.

Making a no win no fee noise induced hearing loss (deafness) claim for work related hearing loss compensation is a quick and easy process if you come to Michael Lewin Solicitors for expert legal representation.

We will be there for you throughout the entire process of making a claim for personal injury compensation to offer you advice and support.If the loss of hearing you are experiencing is a direct result of your employment conditions we are more than happy to discuss your industrial deafness case ad help you get started claiming for personal injury compensation. No win no fee representation is the best way to get the compensation you are entitled to for your noise induced deafness.

No matter what level of deafness you are suffering from whether it is mild hearing loss to total deafness you are able to claim compensation if the trauma to your ears was caused because your employer did not take the necessary measures to protect you from a noisy work environment.

If you are ready to start pursing your noise induced hearing loss (deafness) claim and if you want to make the process and simple and swift as possible you need to call the industrial deafness executives from Michael Lewin Solicitors personal injury team today to discuss your options. A friendly and experienced advisor is waiting to take your call phone us now on: 0844 499 9302

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