Under UK laws hearing loss victims are legally entitled to make noise induced hearing loss (deafness) claims if they have suffered a degree of damage to their hearing as a result of the working environment they had to work in whilst employed in London.

If you think the onset of your hearing impairment is because your employer has exposed you to a negligent level of noise in the employment environment you will need a hardworking and experienced claims assessor to evaluate your claim for compensation to decide if you have a qualifying case. You can access the services of a professional and experienced claims assessor via a free consultation with Michael Lewin Solicitors which can be held over the phone and the claims assessor can let you know in a matter of moments if they think it is worth continuing to an investigation of your employers negligence in order to make a claim for industrial deafness compensation on your behalf.

Miss R made and industrial deafness claim for compensation after her employer’s failure to keep ear protectors in the workplace left her with an ear defect. Miss R claimed £6450.00 in compensation but there are different amounts that are awarded depending on the level of hearing loss that has been sustained and whether the industrial hearing loss sufferer also has any other associated ear conditions such as tinnitus

If you need specialist noise induced hearing loss (deafness) claims representation in London to ensure your industrial disease claim is resolved successfully and you want to receive the maximum award available for the level of hearing loss you have sustained you need one of the industrial disease executive solicitors from Michael Lewin to act on your behalf.

Pursuing industrial hearing loss at work compensation is a legal way of seeking justice for your hearing loss if you think your hearing has been negatively damaged by working in an excessively noisy workplace and you believe your employers? failure to provide you with the appropriate personal protective equipment are the cause of your loss of hearing by making the claim on a no win no fee basis it is also a very cost effective way for industrial hearing loss victims to claim the recompense they deserve.

One of Michael Lewin’s professional legal advisors can answer any questions you may have about any area of law surrounding compensation and employer liability in relation to industrial injuries and loss of hearing due to the vast level of expertise our professional advisors have in this area. No matter what your industrial injury or loss of hearing levels are there is legal consultant here who has the knowledge and qualifications to help you make a no win no fee claim and gain a satisfying amount of compensation.

For noise induced hearing loss (deafness) claims representation in London on a no win no fee basis with the help of a solicitor whose expertise is industrial diseases and deafness you need to call Michael Lewin Solicitors as soon as possible on: 0844 499 9302.

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