An entire department at Michael Lewin Solicitors is dedicated to claiming compensation for innocent victims of the noise induced hearing loss (deafness) they have contracted from work in London.

One of our most recent and satisfied clients is Mr H. Mr H is a noise induced hearing loss (deafness) victim and his disease was sustained in the workplace because of the lack of resources his employer had provided him with to offer him protection from the noise in the workplace. There should always be sufficient resources in any workplace to allow workers the safety they are entitled to in order to protect them from excess noise in the workplace.

The experts in the industrial disease department are here to help you claim the compensation you deserve for the deafness you have developed in a dangerous working environment. You can rest assured that the award we secure for you will be equal to the level of hearing loss you are suffering from. We will endeavour to secure a compensation award on your behalf that is appropriate for the level of noise induced hearing loss (deafness) you have developed in the workplace. You can make a no win no fee claim through Michael Lewin Solicitors regardless of the level of noise induced hearing loss (deafness) you have developed.

You should seek advice from an experienced and qualified noise induced hearing loss (deafness) from work expert like those on the industrial disease department at Michael Lewin as soon as you have been diagnosed as suffering from any form of hearing loss to see if you are eligible to make a compensation claim for occupational hearing loss compensation in London.

Your employer has to be able to keep up with modern regulations as far as safety protection is concerned and any outdated safety equipment in the workplace should be replaced as soon as possible to ensure that employees are always provided with the best safety equipment available.

Acoustic shock injurieshappen immediately and they do not happen over time because the cause is usually faulty telephone headsets; now employers can purchase specials headsets that cut off noise coming through them if it is loud enough or high enough to damage the operators hearing. If an employer has provided a safe headset like this to their employees and it is in full working order then there is little margin for injury. UK laws state that victims of industrial hearing loss are legally entitled to make a claim for the industrial deafness induced suffering they have to endure if their employer is responsible for the hearing loss being sustained in the first place.

To speak to an experienced noise induced hearing loss (deafness) from work expert from the industrial disease and injury department of Michael Lewin Solicitors about making an industrial deafness claim for occupational hearing loss compensation in London you need to call: 0844 499 9302 or email soon as possible to ensure you qualify for making a claim and that you are within the time limits for starting an industrial compensation case.

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