Mr I from York is pleased that he went to Michael Lewin to get compensation after his office accident claim; He was awarded £4329.00 in compensation.

Mr T from the Wirral was 55 when he was the victim of an office accident. A calliper dropped on our client’s hand.

The calliper should have been attached more securely and then the accident need not have occurred at all.Poor Mr T had cuts abrasions and crush injuries to his hand. His hand was swollen and very badly bruised.Our client considers himself very lucky not to be much more seriously hurt. Employers have a duty of care to their staff to ensure that all items which are not being used are stored correctly.

Incorrect storage causes many many accidents which we see here at Michael Lewin. Very minor and simple adjustments should be made prior to an accident occurring these simple adjustments may cost a little more in the first instance however once the initial outlay had been paid for the consequences for staff would be much better.

If you have been involved in an office accident call Michael Lewin’s specialist solicitors to start your claim today.

Michael Lewin deal with many claims where items fall on employees; we feel that employers should take notice of their duty to provide safe working environments for their employees. If they fail to keep to minimum safety standards then we fight for compensation and justice for our clients.

Michael Lewin take on accident at work claims on a no win no fee basis. The fees are claimed from the other side so you have nothing to lose.

Many directors are not aware that they can be intentionally liable for any related offences such as the common law offence of gross negligence manslaughter. Under common law gross negligence manslaughter is proven when directors of the company cause death by their own grossly negligent behaviour. Michael Lewin believe that directors never actually think through the terrible consequences of small acts of neglect. Most directors are unaware that offences such as these are actually punishable by sentences such as life imprisonment.

Compensation can be awarded if you have not caused the accident which has caused you to be injured. This compensation can be for petrol costs to and from the hospital if you need to attend visits due to your injuries it can also cover any losses which you may have incurred from your wages after being placed on sick pay for example.

If Michael Lewin can help you with an office accident claim call their highly skilled solicitors today: 0844 499 9302.

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