An office appears to be one of the safest working environments but many hazards that can cause an accident are not immediately obvious; Michael Lewin Solicitors have an exceptional knowledge of personal injury law and a claim for a trip or fall over a loose cable or an injury from faulty electrical equipment would not surprise the legal advisors in Leeds who have dealt with many office accidents in the past.

Maybe because it is because many assume that accidents don?t really happen in an office that people can become careless and not pay much attention to trailing cables or open drawers. Workers should be vigilant when moving around the office keeping an eye out for potential hazards and reporting them immediately so they can be rectified. Regular risk assessments are crucial to ensure that no hazards are overlooked.

Michael Lewin received a personal injury claim once from a client who had been struck by a falling desk fan.

Mrs C from Rickmansworth received £1600.00 in compensation after she was injured when a fire extinguisher fell off the wall and on to her foot. This accident could occur anywhere. This accident could occur in an office.

These cases highlight a couple of potential hazards an office can present but there are many more.

Michael Lewin’s personal injury specialists have successfully resolved a wide variety of office accident claims presenting different circumstances and many different injuries what is important to you as a client is that your accident was the fault of someone else; if this has happened to you then you can be sure the personal injury claim advisors in Leeds can help you.

Poor work stations are responsible for many office injuries. Many work station are not ergonomically friendly and can cause neck and back strain poor eyesight and headaches. There are basic checks and risk assessments that should be carried out on a regular basis to reduce the risk of injuries.

Employers should remember that they have a duty to protect their employees from injury and they have to ensure that the working environment is safe. They should make sure all equipment is checked for faults just as often as an employer of construction workers should as injuries can happen just as easily from defective equipment in an office.

In larger companies there may be another senior person whose job is to manage the health and safety side of things. Ultimately though it is the employer who has overall responsibility and who could be found liable for any accident and injury to an employee that occurs when health and safety procedures have been breached.

If you have been involved in an office accident which was not your fault and are thinking about making a claim call Michael Lewin’s personal injury experts in Leeds today: 0844 499 9302.

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