Office accidents are much more likely to occur than many people would like to think as the hazards are often less easy to spot; if you have been injured in an accident at work it is advisable to get professional legal advice straight away to find out if you are entitled to claim any damages and Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds can offer the professional help you need along with a friendly and understanding attitude to your situation.

Some office employers have been known to neglect their health and safety procedures maybe allowing themselves and their staff to become too relaxed in what is considered a safe working environment. Any personal injury expert could tell them that they have received a multitude of injury claims from employees who have fallen over cables or been electrocuted or been hurt lifting heavy items. Trip hazards are the most common cause of injuries so it is crucial that workers should be vigilant when moving around the office keeping an eye out for potential hazards and reporting them immediately so they can be rectified.

Mrs B from Cheshire was received £1825.00 for her injuries. She was stabbed by a piece of wood which was sticking out from a desk. This is a typical example of the types of claims commonly reported to personal injury advisors on a regular basis. Regular risk assessments are crucial to ensure that no hazards are overlooked.

Michael Lewin’s expert team of legal professionals have handled a very wide range of claims relating to office accidents and would be delighted to help anyone who has been injured through no fault of their own; their office in Leeds receives countless claims from people who have experienced many different injuries.

Office work stations have frequently caused many long term injuries because they are not set up correctly which can causeneck and back strain poor eyesight and headaches. There are basic checks and risk assessments that should be carried out on a regular basis to reduce the risk of injuries.

Employers should remember that one of their major responsibilities is to protect their employees from the risk of injury. They should not forget that injuries can happen just as easily from defective equipment in an office.

In larger companies there may be another senior person whose job is to manage the health and safety side of things. Ultimately though it is the employer who has overall responsibility and who could be found liable for any accident and injury to an employee that occurs when health and safety procedures have been breached.

If you would like legal advice regarding office accidents don?t hesitate to contact the personal injury claim professionals at Michael Lewin’s personal injury experts in Leeds today: 0844 499 9302.

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