Many people assume that most accidents at work occur in an industrial environment however office accidents are just as likely to occur most of which are preventable; Michael Lewin Solicitors have a wide knowledge of all areas of personal injury law and an excellent compensation claim rate in the UK.

A lot of hazards within the office are not as obvious as they are in other working environments. Regular risk assessments are crucial to ensure that no hazards are overlooked. Poor work stations are responsible for many office injuries. Office workers spend most of their time sitting at their desks which means that they are susceptible to neck and back injuries if they are not correctly positioned. Trips and falls are responsible for countless work injury claims particularly in offices where trailing cables and other obstacles such as discarded boxes are a major trip hazard.

Another hazard which can apply to any environment are electrical faults. Mr A received £1893.00 when he was electrocuted by a defective plug. Mr M received £3500.00 when he was electrocuted by a machine he was cleaning. Work equipment is qualified as defective purely and simply if it does not work as it is supposed to. If this has caused an injury to an employee then a claim can be made.

Michael Lewin’s personal injury specialists have a proven track record of successfully resolving a wide variety of claims relating to both office accidents and industrial accidents basically any accident that has occurred through no fault of the victim is eligible for a personal injury compensation claim in the UK.

Both Mr A’s and Mr M’s legal fees were charged to the third party so neither of them incurred any legal costs for the work provided by Michael Lewin Solicitors. They both received all of the compensation awarded to them at the conclusion of their cases. This is how the no win no fee arrangement works.

All employers have a duty to provide adequate protection against injury for all their employees. A large part of their responsibility is ensuring that all equipment is in safe working order. In larger companies this job may fall to another senior member of staff; however it is ultimately the employer’s responsibility to make sure this job is being done satisfactorily. Employers in the UK have been liable for millions of pounds worth of personal injury compensation claims in the last few years and in many cases it is just a lack of common sense which results in an accident.

If you have had an office accident at work which was not your fault call Michael Lewin Solicitors for expert claims advice in the UK: 0844 499 9302.

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