An office is considered a far safer place to work than a construction site however accidents still occur and often potential hazards are overlooked; any legal professional who is involved in personal injury compensation claims will tell you that they have dealt with many office accidents and Michael Lewin in Leeds are no exception providing victims with an exceptional service on a no win no fee basis.

It could be easy to become complacent with regards to health and safety risks in an office as the general opinion is that environments such as factories and construction sites are the ones who should be particularly vigilant due to the high risk of dangerous accidents. However the list of personal injury claims involving office accidents that have been reported in the UK is endless. The circumstances range from tripping over wires or discarded boxes tripping over open drawers falling off of step ladders electric shocks and not forgetting repetitive strain injuries.

Trip hazards are reported as the most common cause of injuries so it is crucial that workers keep an eye out for hazards when they are moving around the office and reporting any immediately so they can be rectified.

Mrs T from Liverpool received £3748.52 after she was injured when she slipped on carpet on the stairs which was unsecured. This type of fall could happen anywhere. This type of fall could definitely happen in an office building.

Michael Lewin are experienced in all areas of personal injury law and have handled many cases involving office accidents; genuine non-fault accident compensation claims are qualified by the team in Leeds who are committed to securing the maximum compensation for their clients.

Office work stations have frequently caused many long term injuries because they are not set up correctly which can cause neck and back strain poor eyesight and headaches. Repetitive strain injuries are often hard to qualify but Michael Lewin will provide the necessary legal assistance to help anyone who thinks they are suffering from RSI due to bad working conditions.

Employers should remember that one of their major responsibilities is to protect their employees from the risk of injury. In larger companies there is usually another senior member of staff whose job is to manage health and safety in the workplace. Ultimately though it is the employer who has the overall responsibility and who could be found liable for any accident and injury to an employee that occurs when health and safety procedures have been breached.

If you need further information regarding office accidents or would like to talk to a legal professional regarding any accidents or if you are considering making a compensation claim in the UK you can call the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors today: 0844 499 9302.

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